Why Exhibit?

• Create new sales opportunities
• Make new agency contacts
• Launch your products and services in a strong growing market
• Strenghten your market presence and brand awareness
• Keep your customer loyalty
• Deepen your market research at its place
• Take the chance to meet the decision makers in key positions


Visitor Sector Profile

• Coating Job-shops
• Automotive Industry and Suppliers
• Commercial Vehicles, Railway, Ships and Shipyards
• Aviation and Aerospace
• Machinery Manufacturing
• Metal and Metal Sheet Processing
• Plastics Processing
• Household Appliances
• Furniture (Wood and Metal)
• Sports and Leisure Products
• Metal and Glass Facade Construction  
• Window Manufacturing
• Electronics Industry
• Heating and Cooling Industry
• Packaging Industry
• Radiator Manufacturers
• Bridges, Pipelines and Power Supply Lines


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